5 Ways to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

Bad credit can control your quality of life and drown you in debt. You can improve your credit and take care of some of your debt through a loan. A loan can help you pay off outstanding debt while helping you rebuild your credit. Getting a loan with bad credit is not impossible. Here are 5 ways to get a loan with bad credit. The Resources I recommend are based on my clients own experiences and feedback. Get started now with Trusted Personal Loans:

 5 Ways to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

Peer-To-Peer Loans

Trusted Loan Network  is a peer-to-peer loan company that allows you to borrow from individuals instead of  financial institutions. Investors are motivated by the high interest rate on their ROI while borrowers get to pay low interest rates compared to personal loan lenders. Currently, the interest rate for peer-to-peer loans are 6.5% to 10.5%. Personal loans can be 32% or more. I highly recommend that you check out Trusted Loan Network.

Personal Loans

5 ways to get a loan with bad credit

Check out this short, but informative video first: http://bcove.me/jmcv20h0.  Personal loan rates are generally lower than credit card rates, so consolidating debt could save thousands of dollars on interest payments.

Personal loan lenders will work with people with bad credit to give them the chance to build their credit. Trusted Personal Loans is a great option. You can get small amounts or up to thousands of dollars. These loans can be unsecured and used for personal use. This means that you do not have to use your home or car as equity. They can be paid back in installments. If the lender reports your history of making steady installment payments to credit reporting agencies, your credit will rise. These companies offer you the opportunity to rebuild your credit scores.

Trusted Personal Loans can put you in front of the best lending partner, based upon your specific and unique criteria, no matter what your previous history. 100% online process provides customers with a safe and easy way to find the exact loan product that matches their needs. All of their sites follow the industry best practices for keeping customer information safe and secure while matching you with the Lender best suited for your specific criteria. Find out which one works best for you.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are financial institutions that are owned by their members. They are nonprofit. Therefore, they have lower interest rates. Go to http://www.asmarterchoice.org/ to find the nearest credit union near you. Make sure you research at least a few thoroughly before making a decision.

Use Home Equity

You can use your home equity to help you secure a loan. You can use this equity on anything that you like. It can be used to pay off all of your other debt. Thus, you will only have your loan payment and basic living expenses.

This option is risky. If you fail to pay the loan back, you may lose your home. Another option is https://www.debt.org/real-estate/home-equity-line-of-credit-heloc/a home equity line of credit. It is like a credit card. Instead of getting a lump sum of money, you have money available to you when you need it. A home equity line of credit is by far the best and safest option for you to take advantage of if you need money now and in the future.

Friendly Lenders

If you run out of the other options, ask your family or friends for a loan. Sign a promissory note. A promissory note helps you treat this like a business transaction. It is a legal recording of the loan. If you fail to pay the loan back, your friend or family can legally sue you for the money plus any interest owed. This illustrates to them that you are not out to simply take advantage of them.

You can find a copy of a promissory note or any type of legal form for your state by clicking on US Legal Forms.


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